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Has AI overtaken North Korea as our biggest existential threat?

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Artificial Intelligence has long been considered the next wave of the future. As growing numbers of industries implement it into their day-to-day and explore how it can revolutionise their futures, the tech trend is growing. But Elon Musk sees it as a clear and present danger and recently announced that it poses a greater risk than the nuclear threats of North Korea.

Musk, the innovative genius behind Tesla and SpaceX, is no stranger to AI. Despite his opposition to it, he invests in multiple AI ventures as a way to keep track of them. His investments into AI have given him a window into the possibilities, and have shaped his battle cry. But as North Korea positions itself as a force to be reckoned with, Musk’s announcement coincides with AI testing that could have massive ramifications on the world’s future.

OpenAI, a non-profit AI research company that Musk invests in, is testing a machine-based technology that plays against (and beats) humans in a multiplayer online battle game. Musk’s latest statement coincided with their testing. Unlike previous AI iterations where sheer speed gave machines the upper hand, the new predictive technology enables AI to determine where players might send their virtual troops, and outwit them at their own game.

As we observe the future of the world as we’ve known it, we have to ask ourselves this: Is our biggest threat looming abroad or growing domestically within our own borders? As the world waits with bated breath to anticipate North Korea’s next move, Musk believes we must shift our focus and concerns a lot closer to home.


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