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6 Chinese startups to watch in 2018

Rose Siu
Rose SiuAP Commercial Marketing Director
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Watch out, Silicon Valley: Chinese startups are taking off, and the world’s most active lead investors are noticing.

Check out these six startups on a mission to change the world.


Mobike vs. Ofo

Two bike-sharing companies, one simple yet vital concept: help users find and rent nearby bikes. The war for domination between Mobike and Ofo will likely be determined by capital.



This biotech startup is building a one-stop platform full of health insights and recommendations. Armed with impressive capital and an even more impressive alliance of companies, ICarbonX’s ambitious platform may just take off in 2017.



Since 2015, Inke has led the pack as one of the most popular live broadcasting apps. Inke may help live shopping take off by tapping into e-commerce and monetisation.


Face++, SenseTime, and DeepGlint

Because computer vision’s applications are diverse, there’s room for more than one “star” startup to shine. Face++ services many well-known clients with its facial recognition technology, and powers the “Smile to Pay” feature. SenseTime has also been embraced for its promising technology. DeepGlint, which uses computer vision to help monitor crowds, is another competitor.


Pico VR

Pico VR is on to new solutions in virtual reality. The unique Pico Neo CV recently made its debut as a fully untethered headset, and more innovative products are surely coming.


Ant Financial

One of the biggest players in Fintech, Ant Financial’s mobile payment app hit a record of 1 billion transactions in one day last year. 2017 is likely the year they will finally go public.

Startups rise and fall every day, but these promising Chinese startups have demonstrated that they’re in the game to stay. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain—these innovators are paving the way toward a brighter, more connected world.


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