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Looking back on CES, looking ahead for a great 2017

Nick Reynolds
Nick ReynoldsChief Marketing Officer Asia Pacific
As Chief Marketing Officer for Asia-Pacific at Lenovo, I am responsible for marketing PCs, tablets, smartphones, enterprise servers and storage, in a diverse and fast growing region. I’m an energetic and highly driven marketing leader who embraces innovation and has a deep understanding of the customer-led, digital transformation happening in the current market. I joined Lenovo in 2007, bringing with me a wealth of expertise from both sales and marketing roles built at several FORTUNE 500 companies including Dell, Apple, Gateway and SABRE.

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CES 2017 in Las Vegas in January was a blast. It’s always invigorating to be surrounded by innovation and the ‘Vegas buzz’ – seeing the latest breakthroughs and identifying the industry trends, meeting customers, partners, media, and making sure we squeeze in time as a team to have some fun. We’re in Vegas, after all!

At Lenovo, we talk a lot about innovation but it’s never as a simple platitude. Rather it’s actually an active concept embedded into the DNA of our business. And that’s really what our company tagline ‘Different is Better’ means to me – we create products not just to be different, but so they’re different and better. From CES if I had to pick two things I’m most excited about, it would be our move into the gaming market via our new Lenovo Legion gaming range and the evolution of ThinkPad.


I love gaming myself, having grown up on PC games classics like Leisure Suit Larry, Wolfenstein and DOOM through today’s modern ranges Call of Duty and Battlefront. But this year I’m excited to make a big push with Lenovo into the Asia Pacific market with our new Legion Gaming brand. Its interesting that when it came to gaming, our research indicated that ~80% of Lenovo Gaming Notebook buyers also used a console, with the majority using Xbox. Today with Xbox and Windows 10, customers have the advantage of buying games ONCE in the Xbox store and playing them on BOTH PC and Xbox platforms for double the fun. Such a simple insight supported our decision to do something different to our competition – we provided an integrated Xbox One Wireless receiver on the Legion Y720 Laptop, so it can support up to four Xbox controllers simultaneously for gaming with friends for more immersive and cross platform game play. Ultimately these small differences add up to a lot of value for gamers, so keep a lookout for more on the gaming front from Lenovo Legion in 2017.


The other exciting change is the evolution of the business PC in the last 25 years. Waaaaay back (25 years ago), the classic ThinkPad black lacquered ‘Bento-Box’ Japanese lunchbox design came to market from the IBM design team in Japan’s famed Yamato labs. We’ve stayed true with our Think team still based in Japan today. But for 2017 the ThinkPad has evolved – with the ThinkPad range led today by the new X1 Carbon and X1 Yoga as the commercial weapon of choice for business computing. Check them out on our YouTube channel here:

Overall I was stoked that Lenovo’s own product launches at CES 2017 were a big success, with 62 awards in total, it was a fantastic kickstart to the year. A great number of products and categories did well – from new editions of our ThinkPad X1 range, our new Lenovo Smart Assistant, powered by Amazon’s Alexa for the home and our new detachable, the Miix 720. For a full list of these awards and products, check them out here:

So we can be incredibly proud of this track record and tradition – bearing in mind of course that we can’t rest on our laurels as we continue to drive innovation. It’s this kind of innovation and customer-centricity that was on show at CES for Lenovo, and it’s this foundation which has me excited for a great 2017. Wishing you all the best this year too!

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