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How 5G will transform the future of gaming

5G networks are all the rage—and they haven’t even launched yet. What’s all the buzz about? 5G networks are being touted as faster and more powerful than any network before. These more agile networks will expand the possibilities for gaming and digital living in 2020 and beyond. Here are 3 ways 5G is positioning itself to redefine and revolutionise the gaming industry.


Eliminate lags in network communications

Latency has been the bane of every gamer because the lag between a network sending and receiving information is beyond their control. That fraction of a second can dictate the outcome of the entire game. 5G’s claim to fame is its “ultra-reliable low latency communications”, and at less than a millisecond of lag, it opens the door to nearly real-time communications.


Increase AR interactivity

If you were one of the thousands chasing Pokemon throughout the world via Pokemon GO, the advent of 5G could be world-changing, AR style. A faster connection will allow networks to tap into high-bandwidth geodata, and make the virtual monsters more interactive with your real world environment.


Lower the cost of VR

Once upon a time, VR was only for those with an expendable income for gaming. But with faster computing speeds, the cloud could replace the need for expensive VR hardware. With future rendering and CPU functions possible in the cloud, the necessity of expensive graphics cards to bring the VR world to life will be long gone, and VR gaming will make its way to the masses.

The gaming world is on the verge of a major breakthrough. Come 2020 and 5G’s global release, gaming as we know it will never be the same.


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