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Artificial intelligence (AI) disrupts the legal world

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning have steamrolled their way to global attention. Once functions of science fiction books and films, the evolving field has infiltrated the day-to-day, with interactive devices like Siri and self-repairing robotics.  And now, there’s a new lawyer in town who’s taking the robolegal world by storm. Enter, ROSS.

Out with the old, in with the new

Legal software is not a new field, but prior to ROSS, it’s been relatively static. Existing systems like Bloomberg BNA and LexisNexis rely on pattern matching, which excels at searching for and finding laws, but only when keywords match. The older systems also fail at adjusting to the ever-evolving field and laws. ROSS gets smarter with use, communicating with and incorporating feedback from lawyers to adjust and improve upon its law model.

The state of robolegal

The future is happening now, as AI systems become normalised in daily existence.

ROSS may be the newest “robolawyer” in the growing robolegal field, but it takes its place alongside other systems, like DoNotPay’s chatbot, and Lex Machina’s legal analytics software. Robolegal is saving time and money for lawyers, their clients, and the public.

Making justice accessible

Robolegal paves the way for faster, more relevant research that keeps costs lower for clients. AI systems like ROSS give lawyers and their clients the advantage and ability to win by tapping into the most obscure, but relevant, precedents that would typically take costly time (and money) to unearth.

The coming years are bright for AI and robolegal technology. Reports show that by 2030, AI will be a regular part of our everyday lives. Bill Gates said, “The dream is finally arriving.” The increasing capability of technology to surpass human limitations and improve accessibility and precision is making it a mainstay of today and the future.


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