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The world’s top 10 start-up hubs

Con Terzis
Con TerzisCommercial Inside Sales Manager, ANZ
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The global start-up scene is thriving, and making the world a smaller, more connected place.  A GEM Global Report revealed that 100 million businesses launch around the globe on an annual basis. While venture capitalists invested US$42 billion in 2012, with nearly 70% of funding to the U.S. scene, start-up hubs are emerging all over the world and capturing the attention of Venture Capitals (VCs) and innovators.

Here are the top start-up hubs and emerging tech scenes of 2017:


Despite the high rent, this island fosters a serious pro-business climate. It provides a wealth of networking opportunities and generous start-up support.

Bangalore, India

Known as the Silicon Valley of India, this thriving city is home to 4900 start-ups, including many Eastern branches of major tech companies. With $2.3 billion in investments, it’s flourishing with VC activity and more than half of all Indian start-ups.

Paris, France

The mecca for European start-ups, it’s the 2nd largest start-up hub in Europe. Parisian entrepreneurs will be launching the world’s largest tech incubator in April 2017.

Lisbon, Portugal

With affordable rent, a laid-back lifestyle, young entrepreneurs are increasingly drawn to the sun-laden city that hosted 2016’s Web Summit.

Berlin, Germany

The German capital was 2015’s fastest growing start-up ecosystem globally.  Affordable rent makes it attractive for early-stage start-ups, seeing one start-up founded every 20 minutes.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Entrepreneurism is alive and well in Tel Aviv. With hundreds of accelerators and co-working spaces throughout the city, starting a company is trending.

Moscow, Russia

Tax incentives and quality education are reason enough why 6000 tech companies launched in the city between 2011 and 2016.

Stockholm, Sweden          

On a per capita basis, Stockholm is the 2nd largest start-up hub. With the fame of Plentiful Unicorns and world-leading technology, 22,000 start-ups call it home.

London, England

With 7.2 billion pounds invested in London start-ups in 2016 alone, Europe’s number one hub is thriving.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

With three of Latin America’s top engineering schools, a pro-business president, and intentional investment into co-working spaces, this city is on the verge of becoming the “it” place for entrepreneurs.

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