How to Ensure the Wellbeing of Your Mobile Ecosystem

The workforce is going mobile, and it’s a trend that isn’t going to be changing any time soon. With more and more people working from home, or travelling for business, how can your business survive on-the-go, mobile operations?

How can your business keep vulnerable information secure and make sure devices are kept safe from disaster? How does a business keep remote employees connected and maintain relationships?

Training, and the right mobile strategy, of course. Like a body, your business needs the right kind of training and upkeep to make sure it can keep up with these changes and challenges.

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Different innovates better, secures better, engineers better, builds better. The new ThinkPad X1 is tougher, but lighter. Engineered with a careful hand to ensure the best user experience, from Day 1 to Day 1200. From keys that put themselves away, to heat displacement based if you’re working on a desk or your lap.

Whether you’re working in the comforts of your home or getting work done on the train, Lenovo’s taken special care into building a machine that fits to your workstyle..We’ve engineered the ThinkPad X1 to work well even under stress. Never compromise your productivity with upgradeable components to keep you ahead of the game, as well as guaranteed connectivity, no matter where you are.

See how the ThinkPad X1 stands out.


Meet the brand new

Thinkpad X1 Carbon

Ultralight. Ultratough. The King of Laptops.

The X1 Carbon is durable, and packed with powerful computing muscles. Its carbon chassis makes it the thinnest and lightest X1 Carbon in Lenovo’s family. That means taking your work anywhere and everywhere, without worrying about being weighed down, or the bumps and grinds of everyday travel. Stay productive with a long-lasting battery too. With our legendary ThinkPad heritage and support, this is the machine for movers and shakers.

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Say hello to the new

Thinkpad X1 Yoga

As versatile as you.

Change the way you work (and play) with its 360-degree hinge.  A built-in rechargeable pen with full inking capabilities means you get to stay productive even on the go. Enhanced security features keep your work safe. Let your genius shine with the stunning OLED display. And with our legendary ThinkPad heritage and support, this is the machine for the daring and innovative.

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